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Extraordinary wine begins with careful selection of time-honored grape clones chosen for their propensity to thrive in the soil and climate of a particular appelation. Roberts Ranch Vineyards, positioned on a ridgetop in the Santa Cruz Mountains AVA, has that precise combination of sun and soil, and winds and slope to produce the raw materials for world-class Pinot Noir in the Burgundian style.

After the carefully tended growing season is through, we bring the harvest in to our on-site winery where our winemaker proceeds to let the grapes speak for themselves and the terroir, stewarding with a minimum of imposition on this living process - native yeasts take over and the wine unfolds the story of the vintage! 


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Joshua and Sarah have always had their hands in the dirt, but pursuit of viticulture began in earnest in 2008 with the planting of the first 300 vines for our Family Farm block. Planting, working together with our 5 sons through the growing seasons, and sharing harvest with extended family and friends has marked our years now for more than a decade. We've also been grateful for the early guidance of experienced Central Coast fellow winemakers who convinced us to pursue the more restrained old-world winemaking techniques, letting native yeasts do their work to produce the complexity of flavor you'll find in your glass. We love to talk architecture and libraries too (our other jobs) and look forward to meeting you at the cellar - Salute!



Marketing, Principal

Randall has had a long time love of both golf (he has 3 hole-in-ones!) and chess - and though he lost once at 28 to a seven-year-old at a national chess tournament, he's pretty good at it! Important to his role with Roberts Ranch, he loves sharing good wines and having fun conversations with fun people. He's a real people person and a visionary entrepreneur! He truly loves his family and feels blessed beyond what he deserves. Randall welcomes you to join him for a glass of wine at the vineyard soon- there's always lots to talk about!



Tom is the real deal. This is a guy that keeps the tractor running, who builds the new fence, whose cowboy boots are a bit well worn.  He grew up on the family property next door and has a keen love for the mountains and his family.  He's a fun uncle! He has the mind of an engineer, and finds delight in making our whole family wine growing/wine making process run just a little bit smoother. When he’s not dropping into a nice wave at Davenport Landing, he’s racing the ATV up the hill to check on the vineyard irrigation .